Our course is built from the New Mexico Department of Transportation driver education curriculum and standards for high school students. Students progress through the course over four units. We crafted activities to provide students with learning resources to become more aware drivers. Each unit gatekeeper is a 20 question Interim Assessment. These exams allow students to practice similar questions they will face on the MVD written exam and show what they know about driving knowledge. A parent driving guide is built into the referral card process so practice driving has a focus and an outline for the 50 required hours of home instruction.

Course review results in better course design, which makes navigation easier for students, reduces barriers to student achievement, and results in better outcomes. Drivers Education NM re-certified with Quality Matters in 2019. In order to meet Quality Matters review expectations using the QM K-12 Secondary Rubric, a course must meet each of the 27 essential standards (standards valued at 3 points). In addition, the course must receive a minimum of 88 (out of 104) points. Courses that successfully meet QM standards are eligible to carry the certification mark. Our course was the first K-12 entity to have an approved course under their new rubric and will now become the model course to which all courses are compared to and that any user in QM that is K-12 is trained with.

Schools can enroll students at any time. The cost is $225 per student, and students must be 15 years old or will turn 15 within two weeks of starting the course. For more information regarding Driver's Ed New Mexico, please contact Naira Steanes at nmendoza@pvrec8.com or by calling (575) 748-6100.

We look forward to partnering with you to meet the needs of your school and students.